EU science chief: msg to academics and policymakers

CaSE  held its annual lecture last night with a most prominent speaker: the EU Chief Scientific Adviser to President J.M. Barroso. In addition to an invigorating talk about European scientific excellence and her role in promoting it, Prof Anne Glover had clear messages to the scientific and policymaking communities. Science in part of our CULTURE. […]



“Impostors” Downshift Career Goals

A very interesting study was recently highlighted in the Science magazine’s careers section. It is about gender and science (once again), but from a slightly different perspective than usual. This time the research digs into the numbers behind (and effects of) impostorism. In this ‘condition’ one feels like an ‘imposter’, thinking that one’s achievements are […]

Early Career Reflections: Perseverance

Let’s start by modifying the title. Early Career Reflections: Perseverance. This affects everyone, and it’s nonsense to pretend it’s just a pre- or post-doc issue, or an early tenure question of faith. Perseverance is something that one usually comes across LATEST during the PhD, but should realise, if choosing academia, it is probably going to remain […]

Women in STEM careers – evidence sought by UK Parliament

The “leaky pipeline” is sometimes used to describe the continuous loss of women at consecutive career stages within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). These gradual losses reduce the numbers of women retained in STEM further education and work. Thus begins the House of Commons call for evidence description on the Parliament website. It is […]