EU science chief: msg to academics and policymakers

CaSE  held its annual lecture last night with a most prominent speaker: the EU Chief Scientific Adviser to President J.M. Barroso. In addition to an invigorating talk about European scientific excellence and her role in promoting it, Prof Anne Glover had clear messages to the scientific and policymaking communities. Science in part of our CULTURE. […]



Academic reference inflation

I think I may just have been very lucky, in case I managed to secure my future job by being the only reference they needed (in addition to a rather lengthy academic CV, meetings and an interview).. For all the effort and ink, what, as readers of references, do we hope to find? Only this: […]

Me myself and I: story of reconciliation

Dear Diary, I feel like a 15-year old girl. Is that a bad thing? Perhaps not. Better that than a disheartened, cynical 33 year old scientist.. which I am not! Well, at least not all of it. What weird experiences I have had recently. Still looking for that golden goose of a job, although am […]

Romney could use a “Bain” lesson

Got to love this post titled “Why Romney was surprised to lose”. After a quick stroll through the different campaign tactics between Romney and Obama, the article specifies a kind of “consulting firm” approach that Obama’s camp had going for them, and Romney’s didn’t. That on top of the fact that the Romney camp set […]