EU science chief: msg to academics and policymakers

CaSE  held its annual lecture last night with a most prominent speaker: the EU Chief Scientific Adviser to President J.M. Barroso. In addition to an invigorating talk about European scientific excellence and her role in promoting it, Prof Anne Glover had clear messages to the scientific and policymaking communities. Science in part of our CULTURE. […]



What does it take to make a discovery these days?

“There is strength in a diversity of approaches and trying to tackle a problem from a single viewpoint, or discipline, today may well be insufficient to achieve the necessary breakthrough. I believe the age of the lone heroine scientist is past. The challenges we face are so multi-faceted and vast that no single mind can […]

The careerist: Saying ‘I don’t know’

Most of us don’t know everything. Heck, none of us do! Then why is it so difficult to say it out loud? Or is it just in certain circumstances? I believe we all have something to learn in this respect. Admitting not knowing can truly be liberating.. as the article describes below, for people working […]

Education at a Glance 2012

New OECD publication out today: Directorate for Education – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. ..enables countries to see themselves in the light of other countries’ educational performance. And immediately (rightfully) captured by the British press: Children from immigrant families face significant challenges. Moreover, this happens in the UK especially, compared with France, the Netherlands […]