Rain and doctor

We are safely back in Amsterdam after the 1 week trip to Portugal by the three of us, and the 14 day trip to Finland and staying by the 4 of us at in-laws (total 6 people). No matter how close the relatives are, 14 days 24/7 with the kids and one week before that babysitting abroad had its toll on me. And my back. The return to rainy Amsterdam felt truly like coming home. Even the deserted office corridors, and the odd email from a colleague working from home gave a pleasant wave of warmth, as the rain came pouring down outside the windows, with patches of sun in between.

Little miss sunshine was no longer a happy chick as she was dropped off at daycare after the first day of our return. She got used to being at home, with relatives, with us, with her bro, and waking, eating, sleeping, and playing together with her beloved family. Such a shock for the little person to have to be left alone with half-strangers for full work days again, at a place she had seemingly almost forgotten about! Little miss 14 mo old miss of course may not remember things that were every-day life some 3-4 weeks earlier, a little chick as she is. Poor thing, we thought, and try to pick her up early a couple of days, but don’t really have a choice but to hope she copes with the routine again soon.

As for myself, the second office day started with a call to the house doctor requesting another check-up of the back situation. Luckily during the holidays I was able to steer clear of the hefty pain-killers. Nevertheless, even taking the milder stuff makes me doubt my physical condition, esp when all the exercise I did (plenty of yoga on my own), it seemed to make no difference, and spells of worsening back pain would reappear with no warning. So off to the doctor’s I go, and have to lament the fact that the holiday did not seem to do the trick of rescuing me from further back trouble. Running after the kids for over 2 weeks seems to be physically quite challenging for me at this stage!

Welcoming the office environment and hoping for some good tips or a referral to physio from the doctor, I start this fall semester with a relaxed feeling and a slight tan on my face.


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