Ready for holidays!

Meetings, planning and paper-writing will soon be set aside, as me and the family head toward Portugal this upcoming Saturday. Just having purchased an online Lonelyplanet book chapter it is hard to take my eyes off the street maps of Lisbon, directions to Sintra and the wonderful descriptions of both. My daydreaming of a week’s vacation in food & weather heaven does not seem to leave room for any work this afternoon!

However, some work is still to be done, so as to enjoy the holiday to the max. Two more articles that I have underway should be molded into proper drafts, one is closer to getting there than the other, both are written together with different colleagues, which makes the task lighter at times, and heavier at others. One is about Tertiary Education in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Countries, the other on Long Term Demographic Change and Resilient Green Cities of the world, mostly Europe though. Both topics are REALLY interesting, and our findings are.. well, really cool of course, but sometimes molding them into actual, convincing facts and figures is more than a holiday-needing brain can bear!

So from scattered meetings and plans for the upcoming fall in terms of teaching, group meetings and the like, I try to sit myself still for some more hours in front of this machine and avert my eyes from the pdf- travel guide. Working just a couple days more gives comfort that the upcoming conferences, teaching assignments and meetings will be well prepared for, and I can totally relax on my vacation, not only in Portugal but also in Finland thereafter. Work prior to vacation should be a productive but not stressful time in anticipation of wonderful new experiences and relaxation. Will do  my best!

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