Religious work

Work as a religion? Religion as a way of life? Neither, thank you very many. However, I have been able to make good progress with my research of the Finnish Lutheran (State) Church minority, Laestadian Lutherans. My objective is to map the congregations of different minorities and the state church, and to estimate some effects on the local communities’ population structure. It is evident from initial findings that a strong religious denomination can lead to younger age structure and a more vital (rural) setting. This is in strong contrast to the Finnish country side in general, where many towns and small cities, were there no state initiatives, would dwindle and die away inside some 50 years or so. For the geographic planning and development of an already sparsely inhabited country, my findings can be of great interest. I wish to prepare a manuscript for the Finnish Population Yearbook 2010 whose DL for submissions is already in April. Wish me luck!

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  1. Pia says:

    Heips! Oulussa kasvaneena tiedän tästä yhtä sun toista. On ollut hassua huomata, kuinka lestadiolaiset ei oikeestaan oo edes olemassa perus-helsinkiläisen näkökulmasta, kun taas esim. Oulusta ei löydy varmaan yhtään ihmistä, joka ei tuntisi lestadiolaisia.

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