Romney could use a “Bain” lesson

Got to love this post titled “Why Romney was surprised to lose”. After a quick stroll through the different campaign tactics between Romney and Obama, the article specifies a kind of “consulting firm” approach that Obama’s camp had going for them, and Romney’s didn’t. That on top of the fact that the Romney camp set off to ignore the whole black (and largely) immigrant vote in the first place. Interesting…

The Obama team would shower you with a flurry of data—specific, measurable, and they’d show you the way they did the math. Any request for written proof was immediately filled. They knew their brief so well you could imagine Romney hiring them to work at Bain. The Romney team, by contrast, was much more gauzy, reluctant to share numbers, and relying on talking points rather than data. This could have been a difference in approach, but it suggested a lack of rigor in the Romney camp.

via Why Romney was surprised to lose: His campaign had the wrong numbers, bad assumptions, and underestimated Barack Obama’s campaign team. – Slate Magazine.

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