Sanest mom on the block

This morning my parenting skills were absolutely trashed. I obviously have none. I yelled, pleaded, held on tight, left, kept quiet and finally picked up and went… Yes, my daughter had the most amazing tantrum this morning.

It was the one morning in the week when I thought we had time to leave the house peacefully, walk in some puddles on the way to daycare, kiss, smile and part happily. No such luck. It started with “no pants” followed by “no tv off” and “no daycare” and “no socks, boots, coat..” List goes on. In the end I dragged her down the stairs in my arms yelling and screaming, hoarding a pile of bags on my shoulder and carrying her wellies in my free hand, being lucky we didn’t trip in the steep stairs. Once downstairs I strapped her fidgety little body onto the stroller (Yes, strapped. With the fantastic invention of a 5-point harness you can.), threw the boots in the seat pocket and went out.. into the rain. She did not like it one little bit. And we both got amazingly wet. One woman walking by managed a slight smirk. My daughter kept it up until the first park, where I stopped and tried reasoning once more (detecting a slight leveling off of her fury). I showed her my coat, how soaked I was, and pleaded with her to put on the boots and rain-cover hat. In the end she agreed. We walked to daycare in silence (I tried to suggest jumping into some puddles and pressing the signal button of traffic lights but nothing would revive her from her stupor).

Why am I writing this? I read the funniest of blogs this morning, posted by another mom of a 2-year-old. What caught my eye was the first response to his blog. It sounded like my mom on the phone some time ago. And the rest of the comments sound like my partner.. who is admittedly even less strict than I am in educating the little rascal. However, we have to do it our way, and it is not even the way of least resistance (far from it), still this morning I did swear NEVER ever to let her watch “just one more show” (while I was mending a hole in my sock I had just discovered).

Buddy and I often laugh about my first-born to whom we compare our little ball of fury. For instance yesterday buddy asked me: “How did you get Amos to eat vegetables? Or did you just tell him to?” He does everything he is told..

Such fun being a parent. Again.

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