Strolling chickling

We finally did it. Got Lulu sth absolutely pink and hideous. Plasticky too.. a Baby Born Doll Stroller. It’s awful, and PINK, even the wheels are pink.. and Lulu A_D_O_R_E_S  it. Absolutely. Now she strolls around the house pushing the silly pink miniature push-chair and fills it with blocks, plush animals, laundy items, dolls,  you name it. After one evening and one morning of fun (it was the first thing she remembered this morning, and the last thing she cried about last evening when it was time to ‘park it’), the silly piece of toy is making her walk more steady, her co-ordination is becoming better, not to mention balance. She can step in and out of the bathroom with no trouble, as long as there’s the stroller to pull along, opens the door and closes it very skilfully pulling the stroller away from the narrow space in between. And nothing ever falls off that silly baby stroller! She’s just such a girlie girl.

Background info: I witnessed Lulu fight over the doll strollers at daycare, and kept on hearing how her favourite thing is to push sth around, be it a push-cart or the miniature push-chair. I wanted to get her a wheelbarrow or sth ‘gender-free’ for home, but of course they don’t sell such things at the local toystore. And the ‘loopwagens’, well, they’re just hideous, even more plasticky and take up a lot of space. So the collapsable baby born push-chair it was (starting from 3 yrs ha ha)! Hope it survives through the first month.

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