Girl power

-I’m beginning to understand what “wrapped around your little finger” means, said Ilkka yesterday as he was waving at little miss sunshine, who was going to bed waving back and looking as cute as ever. -Well, just LOOK at her!! said Ilkka again. I laughed out loud. Our Mother’s Day 2010 highlight had been: Eating […]

The kid is coming!

Excitement Excitement! How do mommies survive w/out their kids? They hardly do.. Also this time I was kept in suspense for a long time as Amos’ grandmother was nearly unable to make the trip – meaning no Amos for me :( BUT! Luckily that did not happen. They’ll be here in . .. . less […]

Everybody hurts

Family life spread between two countries and many adults is not always easy. This was witnessed on my visit to Finland over the past 4 days. Where does one sleep when there is the home of the kiddo & ex, mom, in-laws and all about & over 10 km from my work place in Helsinki, […]