Gestational Diabetes

Lab, nausea, back-ache, yoga. Not in that order though.. Last week’s biking incident still tickling in my knee, cannot fully support my weight on it nor sit on it while bent (this makes my favorite pose  in yoga impossible: the so-called child’s pose). I work to stretch the knee well in class and walk with […]


Ante-natal this pre-natal that, zwagerschap, pregnancy, pre-birth. An ERA much like pre-marriage that the whole commercial industry tries to take advantage of. And a second-time mother should know better.. I revert to peer-discussions and building my local network of moms, mostly working mothers, colleagues and the like. They are an invaluable source of information, after […]


Who said one should buy a scale and weigh oneself every single morning? What could possibly be the expected outcome?  PANIC! How can one’s weight be 1 kg more than just one week before? It cannot… Or more accurately speaking, it can, because it really DOES matter what one ate the evening before, what one […]

Yoga continues

Back aches? What back aches? Never had them.. before expecting Amos. Now slowly being reminded that the body is starting to change again. Or at least the COM – center of mass is shifting. My favourite yoga teacher went on a three month leave today, she’s traveling to over-seas very cool destinations. I didn’t hear […]