Grit and the ‘right place’ for you

Inspired by the UCL Women’s alternative book club, I post here a link to the TED talk by Angela Lee Duckworth titled The key to success? Grit. This talk resonated with me on various levels, personal, professional, academic and as a parent. I also had the opportunity to have a good chat with my old […]

Good enough is plenty!

Both in sushi and in cycling – and in almost every other area – we celebrate freakish success. Lucy Kellaway writes again a winner column in the FT. This is all about being good enough in terms of achievement, working hard for it, and remaining sane at the same time. We hand out gold medals […]

4 pm

Summer warmth and slight drizzle. And no brolly, of course. Soon it’s time to leave the desk with all the unfinished work and rush to the nursery. The next weeks leading to holiday are full of deadlines to meet, conference visit to Edinburgh, and more deadlines. However, deadlines are goooood! They make us jump and […]