When the world kicks you in the head, kick back?

I took matters in my own hands. After the most wonderful wake-up call ever, administered by my lovely partner, I pulled myself together and sat in front of my computer. I sent out emails to collaborators and received info from people I contacted yesterday. Remote sensing self-taught course details are now available to me, Video conferencing facilities almost at my reach (in order to connect to my group in Finland), and arrangements about done for attending a colleague&friend’s PhD defense in Groningen the day after tomorrow. Ilkka and I will drive there together, after an appointment with the Verloskundige (midwife), through a scenic road that passes the famous… um.. tells me it is the Afsluitdijk ( we will be driving along.

Thus here I am, still at home and will work from here today all day. I have loads of work papers here, and I need to prioritize some projects. Best way is to review their status and take mental notes on what to do next. And decide, plan, execute and follow-up. I also started to plan a trip to Vienna, a work-trip. In order to continue projects I could still do with collaborators at VID and IIASA. And projects that I was always most interested in anyway :) A great opportunity to see friends also. Let’s hope the scheduling works!

My medicine for anguish is hence: get active. Plan your life and live it day by day. No need to rush things, but planning gives a sense of control (who, me = control freak? naaaw… :D) that seems to be quite important to some of us.. ;)

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