…the rain has gone!

It’s been too long since I wrote last. My friend starting a new blog just awoke me to this realization (TY dear!).

The summer doesn’t really feel like a summer.. except no one else working away as hard as oneself. Not that I feel all that motivated each day either. Lucky the weather is nothing to keep me away from the office, and buddy (I’m going to start calling my partner that, since hubby is stretching it) is working away too.

I just got back from an affiliated institute here at the university. Had a lovely chat with some possible future colleagues about projects that would fit together rather nicely. It was the first time in a long time that I got this “glimmer” of academic grandeur again, sniff of  team work and mutual motivation & inspiration. It would be worth a couple of sacrifices.. if even that is necessary! My next step is to transform a proposal on the table to suit the co-operation even better, and then just submit, hold fingers crossed and say my prayers at night (to whom?).

At home (I guess I’m obliged to talk about home too, right?) Lulu is having some difficulties going to bed at night. We are experiencing something close to the match of the titans nearly every evening now. She refuses to go to bed, or if in bed, has visible difficulties falling asleep, eventually gets back up and is happy as ever. When forced to stay in bed (remember it’s a toddler bed now, the side is off so she can climb down easily), she throws the most amazing tantrums. Nothing we haven’t seen before, just feel sorry for the neighbors.. next door as well as below, she bangs her little ankles so hard against the floor i wonder how much it must hurt! And all this while nothing has changed in her bedtime routine at daycare. For a grand finale, buddy just exclaimed last night at 9 pm: it seems a trend these days that I am way more sleepy at this hour than the little devil. And thus it was my turn to go sleep talk the little one into oblivion which she finally reached just after half past nine. Until, of course, our bedtime around midnight when she woke up and crawled into our bed refusing to sleep anywhere else and depriving me of much needed buddy shoulder. OR was this later in the night? I get my nights mixed up these days. No wonder.

Looking forward to our trip to Finland which is only two weeks away now. There will also be a new cousin for Lulu waiting (not yet born). Wonder what that will do to my baby fever, seeing such a small product.. Then again not so much after having a look at the balance sheet, overall finances and job situation in the next year or so ;) I do hope for sunny days though and a trip to the cabin in the archipelago, despite my looming funding application deadline, student supervision, article writing, yearbook editing.. wish me luck!

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