Update on London

Warm weather is giving way to the Royal Wedding this week. At the same time, I am negotiating practicalities at my new work place, University College London Environment Institute, and struggling to get reception on my new fancy smart phone.

Hours of sitting on the tube and at Carphone warehouse will hopefully be rewarded by the end of this week, as I should be starting at my new desk next Tue (after the Bank holiday on Mon), and have a working Samsung Galaxy S with mobile EVERYTHING by, hopefully, early next week as well. Home internet is still stalling, we are awaiting the results of a Virgin network “scout” who should let us know of possibilities in that area. If all else fails, we have to go with British Telecom (BT), a not-so-good i-net provider and ridiculously expensive landline arrangement.

But that’s all pragmatics, as Ilkka would say, who has endless patience as always.

Which reminds me, patience is needed these days with the little chick as well.. she is a wonderful “terrible-two” at the moment. Actually, not so much more terrible than before turning one, so all well there. She is learning Finnish words fast (thanks to all the holidays in April this year we’ve been able to spend a lot of time with her), tätti & tissa being the most important ones referring to her beloved suckling-toys [rätti & kissa]. Puuo, drinkka & apple are the dearest food items [puuro = weetabix breakfast cereal, drink & apple]. Pauo [a word combining ball & pallo] is Lulu’s favourite toy to play with, outdoors & in.

Despite the intense rise in living costs that momentarily still wears us down, we are so far enjoying London, our home surroundings and the weather. On days off we like to take a bus or the tube to a new neighborhood to discover whether we would like to look for houses there. A real hunt for the next place to live begins after this summer.

And now I must scoot to some meetings downtown. Cheerio!

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