UvA entranceFinally I am here at UvA, Universiteit van Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam. My new double affiliation kicked in at the start of the month of January in 2009, with me working for the Finnish Environment Institute (hence FEI) at UvA. Funding was granted by the Academy of Finland for three years and counting.

I am working as a post-doc researcher at AMIDSt, the Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan and International Development Studies. The subject is the same I started when working at the World Population Program at IIASA, namely Population projections with spatial relevance. That is forecasting population dynamics into the future on scales that are important for governance and policy. Projects are international and channelled through either UvA or FEI.

After being at home for the past three months, writing, meeting friends and family, traveling, I feel it is high time to get back to business. I enjoy being at work again!

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