Weekend ahead

How wonderful is that, after a normal work-week that started off promisingly in terms of a data bundle for India, plummeted a little in the middle, and today felt an uprising with exciting conference details for the fall. I also attended a seminar on the Warhol Economy by Elizabeth Currid and a PhD defence on Bangladeshi women work-migrants. Semi-work: I had to complete several forms around the maternity-leave issue for KELA and SYKE.

Non-work, Ilkka and I went to see Leila at Paradiso on Wednesday (where it was established, Emma can no longer take in loud music & crowds standing, I immediately start to feel faint & quaint and must go sit to the side). We also visited a couple new kindergartens (creché) and placed the kid-2-b in line. This was also the week for our midwife-visit, which take place every 4 weeks. Nothing new on that front. Except! I was told more rapid weight gain in this stage of pregnancy is normal when expecting the non-first child. I also hope she is right about the second point: weight gain is less towards the end (with Amos I gained 80% of the 10 kg during the last 3 months). 

Next week brings back work on (Higher) Education -paper & Application for a series of Nordic workshops in demography. Indian data issues, I suspect, will have to await further discussions and funding issues to be handled w/ boss.

I will also have a very special visitor from Vienna, my dear (physicist) colleague & good friend Katrin is coming over for a longish weekend. We plan to eat well, perhaps go see an eccentric show at a close-by night club and rummage through baby thingies!

Have a great weekend :)


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