What is she like?



A new baby girl is in the family. Lulu is 8 weeks old today, and growing fast. After the wonder of the home birth, friends have been asking me, what is she like then? Has her personality started to unravel already? I will try to write with these enquiries in mind.

From the very beginning, Lulu has been a strong baby, both strong and loud. We found this to be a good thing, as the nurses said: it means she is healthy. Intuitively it also felt like she is a survivor, and not easily ignored. At first my mother thought she cried a lot, but like all babies, she cried sometimes, and unlucky for my mother, she happened to be around often when that happened. Also, we were only starting to establish a rhythm for her in terms of feeding, napping, going to bed at night, and that entailed a little learning and subsequently more crying than nowadays. She was only 3 weeks old then..

At the 4 weeks check-up she weighed 4,4 kg, which meant she was well over her birth weight, gained about 800 grams in the first month. She was eating well and sleeping well, although sometimes I hoped her long naps during the day would turn to long stretches at night-time. Her strength manifested in her ability to hold her head up long times. Now at 8 weeks (and already around her 6th week, I presume) she is able to hold her head up and look around eagerly when lying on her belly.

Sometimes we call her a hungry hippo, sometimes cranky monster, but most of the time she is an adorable creature who took a little time to learn to smile. Her first smile was around 5 weeks old, but it took her a couple of weeks from there to learn the real joy in observing things and responding by the silent little laugh.

Last night was her first in her own bed which is located on the other side of the apartment from the master bedroom. I was quite nervous about getting up several times to soothe her, or having to feed her more often than has become customary. So, she woke up from her own bed for a last even feed , and when put back to bed, was a little surprised about where she was laid. In a little while, however, she calmed down and put herself to sleep. Through the baby monitor I heard her move a little and make tiny sounds. Around 1:30 I went by to calm her, she had woken up, but went back to sleep after listening to her bunny ‘sing’ and looking at the birds-mobile above her bed. She only woke up to feed at the normal time around 4:30. And then she slept until seven, as usual, and was a little fussy, but not mad. I was so happy she slept soundly in her own bed, comfy and safe!

Life here continues like a normal Friday. Lulu eats and sleeps, her diaper is changed and we have a little conversation and rattle some toys. Then we meet some friends for a long walk in the Vondelpark. After we return home, we start awaiting daddy to arrive from work. Something special is in store: It’s daddy’s first time alone with the baby tonight! I am meeting some friends for dinner alone for the first time after the baby was born. Wish me (and daddy!) luck! 

Lulu 8 weeks

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  1. Nads says:

    Oh dear(s), I just love seeing how happiness is all around you! Enjoy your night off and let Ilkka do his job :-) Thank god I see you soon!

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