Working daddy, working mommy

Just as I was writing the entry below, our telephone rang both at home and at Ilkka’s workplace. We were offered daycare spots! In the end we decided to stick to where Lulu is now, and added one extra day, total 5 days per week from the beginning of March. We still prefer to move Lulu to a daycare closer to home, so as to shorten her days (one picks up, other drops off). Later, later.

Today Ilkka defies the bad weather and flies off to Geneva for a 2-day meeting. Let’s hope he doesn’t get stranded at the airport coming home.. Today the ariport in Geneva was already closed down because of bad weather! Fingers crossed all will go fine. We want our daddy home for the weekend! However, as Ilkka accurately pointed out, that he hasn’t had a work trip for over a year.. so we mustn’t complain, us girls. He takes good care of us.

The daycare news relates more to my work. I get to go back 100% instead of the current 80% agreement I made until mid-March. Comes at a good time, I have  a rather good spell at work at the moment, motivation is high and have loads of new project to work on. And when I’m happy, it tends to radiate to the surroundings. God knows the opposite is true.. (sorry honey!!).

In addition, we are very much looking forward to visiting friends in Vienna at the end of the month. We’ve even decided to go by our old work place, IIASA; I have a meeting, and Ilkka can show Lulu around. Will be fun! Let’s hope for not too cold a weather..

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