Working mommy

Pheew. This is the day after the conference. It was not a huge event, and not such a ‘big deal’, except for me. The mommy who went there despite being on maternity leave.

I chose to go to the conference  to meet new people. It was a Dutch Demographers’ meeting, and I’d never met most of them, and did not want to miss the chance to do so now. The day before I was lucky to notice a familiar name on the participants list, a colleague, with whom we shared the way there, and who helped me to various conversations with people he already knew. Thanks to him I felt myself a little less out of place.

During the not-so interesting moments in the one day’s conference, I reminded myself that I would be working next time only after one month and a week. That is plenty of time to recover from whatever boredom or embarrassment. My talk was not a new one, but definitely put together for that audience particularly, and aimed at introducing me and my work a little more generally too. It went fine, although the field of scenarios and projections seem to always raise some eye-brows.. I did  not take it personally ;) Any interest is welcome!

When I finally arrived home some ten minutes past seven in the evening, Lulu had been waiting for the ‘meal machine’ already for a while. However, they’d had a fine day indoors, some quality time for Lulu and Dada!

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