Yoga continues

Back aches? What back aches? Never had them.. before expecting Amos. Now slowly being reminded that the body is starting to change again. Or at least the COM – center of mass is shifting.

My favourite yoga teacher went on a three month leave today, she’s traveling to over-seas very cool destinations. I didn’t hear the whole description, luckily, as would’ve envied her too much.. But the sad thing is: She won’t be here to teach me how to adapt to normal yoga lessons with the changing appearance! Bummer, I say.

And sure as the rain comes down in Amsterdam, I felt the lesson in my lower back at the end. But now is too soon to give up, so continue with lessons I will, with careful appreciation of the changes taking place in the body. There are special lessons at this yoga school for persons in.. um my condition. However, I want to save that for later, when it is too cumbersome to attend the regular lessons, when head stands become weird-looking (due to changed COM once again) and energy levels are too low to exercise at home. 

To back aches I still wave my hand happily, with an occasional moan and grunt at home.. Luckily Ilkka has already promised to try to help, massage my back and so on. Lucky me!

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